Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a process that involves many factors for optimizing your web pages for optimal search engine placement. Although your on-page (website pages) factors are critical for rankings, it is also important for off-page factors (other websites) to have your website listed with your keyword links (anchors) and/or website url. Part of getting ranked high in search engine result pages (SERPS) deals with complicated algorythms or search engine processes that are always evolving. One thing is for sure… the quality and quantity of incoming backlinks (votes from other websites) promote good rankings. Backlinks from other reputable sites help support your site’s credibility and reputation to search engines.
To take this a step further, we introduce a term that Google has been known to use with scoring webpages. Latent Semantic Indexing technology uses a scoring method after examining relevancy on webpages. The more relevant words are and more commonality traits, the more semantically close a search engine considers them. For example, a website about “Search Engine Marketing” will likely receive a high relevancy score for the words “Search Engine Placement” Search Engine Optimization”. uses a specific strategy that is customized to fit the needs of your online business so you can get ranked fast in Google and other search engines.